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Nice Tan!

Posted by Carol Truitt on Tue, Jul 7, 2015 @ 10:07 AM


We are pleased to announce that one of our Ludlum Measurements, Inc. instruments guest starred in a recent episode of A&E’s “Storage Wars” reality program. The Model 177 Benchtop Counter, equipped with two external detectors, was discovered amid the jumbled boxes of random goods from a California storage unit. Because the rent for the unit had been left unpaid for 3 months, the contents were auctioned off in a single-lot, cash-only sale, as permitted by California law. The show continues with the purchaser reviewing the heretofore uninspected contents, estimating approximate dollar values for the individual items, and calculating the projected profits from their eventual resale. The Storage Wars’ season 7, episode 12, titled “High Stakes and Low Blows” showed Mr. Ivy Calvin outbidding the competition and winning one such auction.

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Unusual Nick Names of Early Survey Meters by Joe Rivera

Posted by Larissa Place on Wed, Apr 24, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

I recently came across an article that was off the beaten path as far as radiation detection instrument subjects go. The article, by Paul Frame, is called “The Nick Names of the Early Survey Meters,” (http://www.orau.org/ptp/collection/surveymeters/nicknamessurveymeters.htm) and it introduces us to some of the different and unusual names that some of the early survey meters were given and the reasons why. The following is an excerpt from that article:

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