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Time to Review Those A, B, Gs

Posted by Carol Truitt on Mon, Aug 31, 2015 @ 07:08 AM

As evidenced by all the targeted merchandising, it’s back to school time in the USA, UK, and Canada. Pencils, pens, notebooks, PCs, and children’s clothing are being advertised to entice the consumer dollar through the doors during these weeks leading up to the school year. Other parts of the world community have similar marketing strategies prior to the start of their school years, too, although the academic year launches in other months. No matter when they’re held or how steep the discounts, getting ready to head back to school can be expensive. If only the classes were free!


In our industry we begin our schooling by learning our A, B, G’s – that is, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, (along with Neutron) radiation. Conceiving, designing, engineering, perfecting, and manufacturing our famous line of instruments has kept our company in the ‘school of experience’ for over fifty years.

We offer Calibration & Repair classes in Sweetwater, Texas (Ludlum Measurements) and Knoxville, Tennessee (Protean Instrument) locations. AND the tuition is zilch. Nothing. Free. No charge. And the courses are held four to six times a year depending on location. Our instructors include Randy Smith and Austin Mullins in Sweetwater, and Jennifer Warren at Knoxville. They will review basic radiation concepts such as alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron characteristics, then go into instrument operation, settings, and trouble-shooting. Classes take place over two consecutive days. See our 2015 schedule below.

2015 Factory Calibration & Repair Training

Ludlum Measurements, Inc.
Sweetwater, TX
February 10 - 11
April 14 - 15
June 9 - 10
October 13 - 14
December 15 – 16+

Protean Instrument (a division of Ludlum Measurements, Inc.)
Knoxville, TN
January 13 - 14
March 10 - 11
May 12 - 13
July 7 - 8
September 8 - 9
November 10 – 11

Instrument Electronics is another very popular course. The $750 per student tuition covers a two-day course with overview, detailed instructions, and plenty of hands-on practice. Classes are limited to ten students. Instrument Electronics is offered less frequently. Proposed dates for calendar year 2016 will be posted onto the Ludlums.com web site when available.

In addition to the training sessions above, Ludlum Measurements offers training at your site at a typical cost of $600 per person, with a ten person minimum. That might be considered our version of home-schooling because presumably students would not have to pay for their room and board if offered at their place of employment.

So get out your notebooks and sharpen those pencils, school is starting again! Time to review those A, B, Gs!

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