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Our 'Featured Products' button is back

Posted by Carol Truitt on Mon, Sep 26, 2016 @ 16:09 PM



It had started off great.

Some months ago we had a Featured Products button that enabled you to click once and be presented with the latest developments in Ludlum Measurements, Inc. instrumentation and services. It was all lovely until that day that something happened and it all vanished. Attempts to bring it back were futile.

We were sad. We had newer, better, and exciting products to share with you but were thwarted by a mean-spirited gremlin in the works. We don’t like those critters. They have been active since the era of the Second World War, wreaking havoc in their mischievous and mean-spirited way. We don't know why the gremlin diverted its attention from its usual prey (aircraft and aviation technology) and began to snarl up our web threads, but maybe it likes our radiation detection technology, dials, and blinking indicator lights.

No matter the gremlin's purpose for being there, we do not tolerate such antics. We managed to tweeze and tease the imp from the tangled website, and it was unceremoniously tossed out the window.

Now we are happy, and we hope that you will be happy, too. Ludlum Measurements is constantly working to improve our traditional lineup of radiation detection instruments, and developing new versions to answer the requirements of those in the nuclear industry. You can keep aware of the latest news by subscribing to our RSS feed, the blog site, or come to our website and click that magical “Featured Products” button by the footer.

And if you see that the gremlin sneaked back in then please drop us an email. Our radiation detection instruments are top-of-the-line, but we sometimes miss the occasional gremlin on our web site.