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Is a Cable Able to Affect an Effect?

Posted by Mick Truitt on Wed, Aug 19, 2015 @ 11:08 AM

A question: Can changing the length of a cable used to attach a detector and instrument cause a difference in the readings obtained?

Sometimes the answer to a question is simply another question. Why would this be necessary? Well, do you want a good answer or not? (Did you see what we did there?) When a customer contacts Ludlum Measurements with a question regarding the application of one of our instruments we nearly always require more information in order to provide an accurate response.

For example, today’s question concerned the customer’s desire to know if a different cable length on a detector would require the instrument to be recalibrated to this new length. This is an excellent inquiry. Even so, it is going to generate an equally important question: What detector are you using with it?

Though we know the theory and could guess what would happen, we nonetheless performed some real-world testing to demonstrate its validity.

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